Sunday, January 26, 2020


Carp Fishing DVD's from Korda, Matt Hayes, Kevin Nash,Fox and more for sale. New and Pre-owned.


Korda Thinking Tackle Season 7

Korda Thinking Tackle Season 7 - 3 disc set Thinking Tackle is back with a bang for Season 7. Presenters Danny Fairbrass, Ali Hamidi and Adam...

Korda Thinking Tackle Season 6

Korda Thinking Tackle Season 6 - 3 disc set Watch for FREE online Season Six of the highly acclaimed Sky Sports and Discovery Shed series, Thinking...

Korda Thinking Tackle Season 5

Korda Thinking Tackle Season 5 - 2 disc set Season 5 is another epic series in the Thinking Tackle tale. With another 8 hour long shows...

Korda Thinking Tackle Season 4

Korda Thinking Tackle Season 4 - 3 disc set The highly acclaimed series 'Thinking Tackle' continues to go from strength to strength. In this action packed...

Korda Thinking Tackle Season 3

Korda Thinking Tackle Season 3 - 3 disc set Watch online FREE Sky Sports highly acclaimed Season 3 of ‘Thinking Tackle' is a DVD that will...

Korda Thinking Tackle Season 2

Korda Thinking Tackle Season 2 - 3 disc set Every show in this series was so good that we couldn't bring a 'best of DVD, so...

Korda Thinking Tackle Season 1

Korda Thinking Tackle Season 1- Watch online FREE Show 1 - Marks the dawn of a new era of Carp Fishing Shows. You will share...

Korda Underwater 8

Korda Underwater 8 Korda Underwater Part 8 DVD, " The HD footage is so much better than what we've seen before and as we're on...

Korda Underwater 7

Korda Underwater 7 The first part of the DVD focuses on the early part of the filming including, of course, the incredible footage of The...

Korda Underwater 6

Korda Underwater 6 Part 6 of State of the Art Underwater Carp Fishing was filmed back to back with Part 5 and details the ongoing...

Korda Underwater 5

Korda Underwater 5 We have always been dedicated to passing on our knowledge to you the angler and DVDs give us a unique opportunity to...

Korda Underwater 4

Korda Underwater 4 Following on from the groundbreaking footage in Part 3, Part 4 concentrates on the carps reaction to PARTICLE BAITS. For the first time...

Korda Underwater 2

Korda Underwater 2 Once again Danny Fairbrass, Korda Developments and Dive Out Productions bring you never before seen underwater footage which answers questions anglers have...

Korda Underwater 1

Korda Underwater 1 Presented by Danny Fairbrass, this DVD is set on one very small clear patch on the Carp Society's famous Horseshoe Lake in...

Fresh Fishing – The Carp – Bryan Jarrett and Dave Lane

Fresh Fishing - The Carp - Bryan Jarrett and Dave Lane Angling legend Dave Lane was the first man to catch five 50lb carp in...

Fishing With the Experts For Carp – Des Taylor

Fishing With the Experts For Carp - Des Taylor For many anglers the ultimate fish in British waters is the carp. In only twenty or...

Carpwise – Tactical Carpin’ 7 & 8

Carpwise - Tactical Carpin' 7 & 8 We'll begin a journey through the many different styles and methods used by some of the UK's most...

Carpwise – Tactical Carpin’ 5 & 6

Carpwise - Tactical Carpin' 5 & 6 If there has ever been a DVD that captures the essence of modern carp fishing, this is it....

Carpwise – Tactical Carpin’ 3 & 4

Carpwise - Tactical Carpin' 3 & 4 Once again, Gardner Tackle has chosen anglers who are renowned ‘thinkers’; this is not fishing by numbers. This...

Carpwise – Tactical Carpin’ 1 & 2

Carpwise - Tactical Carpin' 1 & 2 Grab an insight into how these top minds put the theories into action, and in so doing help...

Carp Fishing For Young Anglers – Bob Nudd

Carp Fishing For Young Anglers - Bob Nudd There is little doubt that Carp Fishing is one of the most complex forms of angling, and...

Matt Hayes 24 Hour Rod Race 4 DVD Gift Set

Matt Hayes 24 Hour Rod Race 4 DVD Gift Set Collection of programmes in which British fisherman Matt Hayes strives to complete special angling challenges....


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