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Delkim has been at the forefront of Bite Indication Technology for over 35 years.Our unique Piezo Vibration Sensing revolutionised bite indication when it was first introduced in 1992.  Our range of Electronic Bite Alarms including the world famous Tx-i remains unsurpassed for controlled sensitivity, micro adjustment and, above all, reliable bite indication.

NiteLite Indication Set

The NiteLite Indication Set comprises: the NiteLite v.2 Illuminating Hanger, SlimCarb Carbon Stabiliser and ‘C-Slot’...

1.6 SlimCarb/DuoCarb Wireform Fitting

1.6 SlimCarb/DuoCarb Wireform Fittting - Two small holes at the base of the Txi-D allows...

Rx-D Instructions 3.0 Switching ON/OFF

3.0 SWITCHING ON/OFF The Rx-D requires a three push button press to switch ON/OFF. Hold down...

Rx-D Instructions 4.2 Single Channel Pairing

4.0 EASY PAIRING Before the Rx-D can be used wirelessly it must first be paired with...

Rx-D Instructions 12.2/12.3 Auto Switch Off/PB Failsafe Abort

12.2/12.3 Auto Switch Off/PB Failsafe Abort source

Rx-D Instructions 12.0 Battery Warnings

12.0 Battery Warnings source

Rx-D Instructions 11.0 DND (Do Not Disturb)

11.0 DND (Do Not Disturb) source

Rx-D Instructions 10.0 RunLite

10.0 RunLite source

Rx-D Instructions 9.0 Anti-Theft Security Alarm

9.0 Anti-Theft Security Alarm source

Rx-D Instructions 8.0 Recall

8.0 Recall source

Rx-D Instructions 7.0 Vibro

7.0 Vibro source

Rx-D Instructions 6.0 Range Settings

6.0 Range Settings source

Rx-D Instructions 5.0 Factory Default Settings

5.0 Factory Default Settings source

Rx-D Instructions 4.5 Memclear

4.5 Memclear source

Rx-D Instructions 4.3 Multi-Channel Pairing

4.3 Multi-Channel Pairing source

Rx-D Instructions 2.0 Fit Battery

2.0 Fit Battery source

Rx-D Instructions 1.0 Controls & Attachments

1.0 Controls & Attachments source

Txi-D Instructions 13.2/13.3 Auto Switch Off & PB Failsafe Abort

13.2/13.3 Auto Switch Off & PB Failsafe Abort source

Txi-D Instructions 13.0 Battery Warnings

13.0 Battery Warnings source

Txi-D Instructions 12.0 Reset To Factory Defaults

12.0 Reset To Factory Defaults source

Txi-D Instructions 11.0 Range Test

11.0 Range Test source

Txi-D Instructions 10.0 IMU (Movement Sensor)

10.0 IMU (Movement Sensor) source


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