Thursday, December 12, 2019

Evolution Carp Tackle

Evolution Carp Tackle provide unique, soft plastic baits in a variety of styles and colours.  The baits are all strong, yet soft to provide a realistic product to attract the fish and are also porous to enable you to add oils and flavours.

NSR 42 Germany October 2016

Love the sound of a powerful fish rolling at the net! NSR......#Evolve source

The Last Element

Introducing the Evo 360 Rig Swivel. Made from Stainless Steel Gives unrestricted movement in all directions...

Maggot Doubles

How to use the doubles as a hair stop source

Spotlight NSR

Joe Morgan from Carp TV with his revue of the NSR source

NSR 42 Light Weight

NSR 42 Lightweight.... We have made the spreader block and arm ends from aluminium, this not...

Evolution Carp Tackle NSR

Short video showing how easy it is to use the all new NSR.... Simply press down...

Evolution Carp Tackle NSR 1 Promo Movie

Introducing the all new NSR....Net/Sling/Retainer. A huge step forward in fish care. source

Evolution Carp Tackle Corn Plugs

The New Corn Plugs... Tip off and balance your baits all in one!..........#evolve source

Evolution Carp Tackle Corn Plugs – Jason Budd

A Video from our Consultant Jason Budd showing how easy it is to use our...

Evolution Carp Tackle Night Glow Corn Stacks

We get asked all the time how bright our Night Glow baits are. It all depends...

Periscope: Quick Look At The Evolution Carp Tackle Corn Stacks

A quick look at the Corn Stack range. This was recorded from our Periscope. Follow us...

Evolution Carp Tackle Introduction to Periscope

Evolution carp tackle Introduction to Periscope source

How To Tie Baits To The Clip

How to tie baits to our Bait Clip. source

Evolution Carp Tackle Night Glow Bait Clip

Our little Bait Clip makes it easy to tie not only our baits but round...

How to make a Maggot Plug rig. Evolution Carp Tackle.

How to make the Maggot Plug rig using Evolution Carp Tackles bait. source

Evolution Carp Tackle Maggot Plug

Introducing the "Maggot Plug" A new product from Evolution Carp Tackle designed to Tip Off your...

Evolution Carp Tackle Hair Stops

A short video to introduce the new Hair Stop. Designed to be used with our...

Carp Rigs – Evolution Carp Tackle

A selection of some of the rig pictures sent in to us from our friends...

Fishy Pics 2014

Its been a truly amazing year for us, we decided to make a short video...

Corn Ball Movie

A short video to give you an idea of how to use the Corn Ball...

Evolution Carp Tackle Dumb Bell System

Leon Bartropp show you the Dumb Bell System. source


Leon talks you through the latest bait from Evolution Carp Tackle. The Corn Ball. source


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