Thursday, December 12, 2019

Gardner Tackle

Gardner Tackle "Carp and specialist fishing tackle manufacturer since 1980. Renowned for innovation and quality our carp fishing tackle is trusted by carp anglers worldwide."

Carp Fishing Specialist Sharpened Hooks

Since their introduction in January 2018, our amazing ‘Specialist Sharpened’ hook range has literally...

Carp Fishing Ultra Sink Tungsten Hook Link Material Coming Soon

Here’s a sneaky preview detailing the forth coming Tungsten Ultra Sink skinned hook link...

Carp Fishing Deluxe Buzzer Bar Pouches

Lewis Read run's through our new Deluxe Buzzer Bar Pouches. source

Gardner Tackle GTD 12 Foot Carp Fishing Rods

The exquisite 12 foot GTD rods are now available. These superb rods offer the...

Carp Fishing Pro-Pela XL Throwing Stick

Lewis Read introduces our new Pro-Pela XL Throwing Stick. Available now from all good...

Carp Fishing Compact Carryall

Are you looking for a well-constructed, gimmick free carryall that offers versatility that means...

Carp Fishing New And Improved Critical Mass Tungsten Putty

New improved Critical Mass tungsten putty - available now from all good Gardner Tackle...

Carp Fishing Ultrapult Catapults

The brand new Gardner ‘UltraPult’ catapults have just arrived! They are supreme performers and...

Carp Fishing The Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme

Gardner Tackle has supported the ANLRS initiative right from the start, offering financial and...

Gardner Tackle GTD+ 13 Foot Carp Fishing Rods

Some fishing rods are just an absolute joy to use; and as far as...

Carp Fishing The Gardner Tackle Hook Sharpening Stone

After the initial, inevitable furore that accompanied the launch of the Hook Stone settled...

Hydro Sink Braid

Chris Vandenhaute overloopt de sterke punten van onze hoog gewaardeerde Hydro Sink Braid. source

Carp Fishing Drop Out Chod Safety Clips

Drop Out Chod Safety Clips are an easy and completely reliable C-Clip that we...

Carp Fishing The Gardner Hook Stone

The ‘Hook Stone’ is a very special, high precision hook sharpening tool that we’re...

De Gardner Hook Stone

De Gardner “Hook Stone” is een hoogwaardig precisie vijltje waar we best trots op zijn....

The GTA Application 12 foot Carp Fishing Rod

The GT Application rod is a lightweight yet powerful multi-tasking workhorse that’s suitable for...

The GTC Continental 10 Foot Carp Fishing Rod

The brand new GT Continental rods are here! These amazing, responsive, delightful 10 ft...

Carp Fishing HD-Floater Line Low Viz Green

Our dedicated specialist floater line is now available in a lovely Low-Viz Green! HD-Floater...

Carp Fishing Covert Tungsten Link Sinkers

Our brand new Covert Tungsten Link Sinkers are available in two different sizes (high...

Carp Fishing Covert Tungsten Chod Beads

Gardner Tackle team member Matt Eaton explains the thinking behind our brand new Covert...

Carp Fishing The Extended Slip D Rig

Our slightly eccentric Product Development Manager has pulled another cracker of a rig out...


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